About Us

Advances in Health, Sports, and Technology Sciences (AHSTS) is a pioneering international e-journal dedicated to the dissemination of scientific knowledge and academic scholarship in the dynamic fields of Sports and Health Sciences. Published triannually, AHSTS offers an open-access platform for researchers and academics worldwide, enabling a global dialogue and advancement in these critical areas of study.

Our mission is to publish high-caliber, original research and comprehensive review articles that encapsulate the latest breakthroughs and developments in Sports and Health Sciences. AHSTS is committed to fostering a rigorous academic environment, upheld through a meticulous double-blind peer-review process that ensures the integrity and quality of the work we publish.

Key Highlights of AHSTS:

Broad Scope of Research: We welcome submissions in diverse sub-fields including, but not limited to, Training and Movement Sciences, Physical Education and Sports, Exercise Physiology, Sports and Health Technologies, Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports Management, Sport Psychology, Sports Tourism and Recreation, and initiatives in Sports for Disabled Individuals.

International Audience: With our digital, open-access format, research published in AHSTS reaches a global audience, facilitating international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Ethical Standards: We uphold the highest ethical standards in research. Authors are required to provide the name of the ethical approval committee for their work, ensuring responsible and ethical research practices.

Author Identification: To promote transparency and accountability, authors must provide their ORCID iD, linking their work to their unique academic identity.

Cost-Effective Publishing: AHSTS is committed to accessible knowledge dissemination. We do not charge for processing or publishing, removing financial barriers to the publication of valuable research.
At AHSTS, we believe in the power of academic research to shape a healthier, more active world. We invite researchers and scholars to contribute to this evolving landscape of Sports and Health Sciences, where every discovery and insight propels us forward in understanding and improving human health and athletic performance.

Current Name: Advances in Health, Sports and Technology Sciences (ISSN: 3023-6533)

Formerly: Aksaray University Journal of Sport and Health Researches (ISSN: 2757-6310)

Abbreviation: Adv Health Sports Technol Sci

Publication Type: Periodical

Publisher: Advances in Health, Sports and Technology Sciences

Publishing Services: Kare Publishing - Kare Media

Journal Description: Advances in Health, Sports and Technology Sciences is supported by Aksaray University officially and is a blind peer-reviewed free open-access journal, published three issues in a year (April, August, December).

Start Year: 2020

Average Duration of the First Review Round: 3 months

Type of Publications: Original Article, Case Report, Editorial Comment and Letter to the Editor.

Language of Publication: English

Frequency: Three issues per year.

Fee or Charges: This journal assesses NO submission fees, publication fees (article processing charges), or page charges.

Paper Submission: Click here in order to submit your paper. https://ahsts.manuscriptmanager.net/

License: Advances in Health, Sports and Technology Sciences is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.